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Andrew Inglis, Traquair Riggs
Charles Euman, Inverleithen
018 [Situation] About ⅜ of a Mile N.E [North east] of Damhead
A two Storey Slated dwellinghouse, with garden, office-houses, And farm attached. The houses are all in excellent repair. The farm is extensive While a large portion of it is Superior Arable land - the larger by far, is heathy hill land and adapted to the pasture of Sheep. The present tenant is Robert Gardner - And the proprietor, Earl of Traquair.
SCHOOL School (Ph) [Parish] Charles Euman, Inverleithen
Andrew Inglis, Traquair Riggs
Rev [Reverend] James Campbell, Traquair
018 [Situation] About ¼ of A Mile N.E [North East] of Damhead
A one Storey Slated School-house in good repair, And Surrounded by wood. It it the property of the parish. The Salary attached to it is, thirty four pounds, four shillings and four pence half-penny Sterling which is derivable from the heritors independant of the School-fees, which amount to from eighteen to twenty pounds Sterling, And the free use of a two Storey dwelling house and garden. The average number of scholars in attendance during the year is about fifty - though better attended during the winter than the Summer. The present teacher is Andrew Inglis.
DEAN PLANTATION Dean Plantation Andrew Inglis, Traquair Riggs
William Dickson Damhead
[-] Brydon Traquair Riggs
018 [Situation] About ¼ of a Mile E by S [East by South] of Damhead
This plantation is Situated on the North West Side of Shaw Hill, and is Composed chiefly of firs - other kinds of trees being comparitively few. At a distance it appears exclusively as a fir plantation.

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