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BIRKS BURN Kill or Birks Burn
Kill Burn
Kill Burn
Thomas Ritchie, Shepherd
Pennecuik's description
Thomsons Atlas (Peebles)
017 [Situation] A Tributary of the Quair.
A tributary of the Quair having its source in the high ground to the west of the Glen & constituting for part of its course the boundary between Yarrow & Traquair. It joins the Quair at the Glen. -
KIRK BURN Kirk Burn Thomas Ritchie Shepherd 017 [Situation] S.W. [South West] from the Glen.
A small hill stream joining the Quair above Glenshiel. -
DROVE ROAD Drove Road 017 [Situation] along the east shoulder of Dunrig.
Drove Road from the north of Scotland to Newcastle. -

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