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TRAQUAIR 018 is, in general, light and stony; while the holm land is composed of a deep deposit of alluvium - Several unsuccessful attempts have, at various times, been made for lead or other ores. Specimens of galena are said to have been found in the Channel of one of the Tributaries of the Quair & above the Village of Bold at which latter place "a feeble attempt was made in 1775, to sink a lead mine " (Statist. [Statistical] Acct [Account] XXI-52). - A Slate Quarry of an inferior description was formerly worked to a considerable extent at Grieston, on the North-western confines of this division of the Parish; but the superior quality of the Slate at Stobo and the increased facilities for importing Welsh & other Slates have greatly diminished the local advantages of Grieston. The outline of the Parish is very irregular. Its greatest length from the Tweed Southwards is about 6 Miles but the Parish of Yarrow protrudes beyond the Church of Traquair, through the Centre of the Parish to within 1¾ Mile of the Tweed, while at the Farm of Bold, Yarrow approaches to within 200 yards of the Tweed - nearly detaching the extensive farms of Juniper Bank & Bold from the Main body of the Parish.- The Church of Traquair was granted by David I to the Bishop of Glasgow. It was dedicated to St Brigid : & was commonly called St Bride's

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