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Dreva Craig
Dreva Craig
Sir G. G. Montgomery.
Mr J Smith Broughton.
James Stewart Shepherd.
016 [Situation] About 1 Mile S.W. [South West] from Dreva.
An Elevated portion of land at the S.W. [South West] side of Dreva Hill on the Farm of Dreva, the surface is Covered with Rough pasture and Scattered Rocks, and on the top is an old Hill Fort.
FORT (Remains of) [Dreva Craig] Fort (Remains of)
Fort (Remains of)
Fort (Remains of)
Mr J Smith.
James Stewart.
John Fowler Broughton place.
016 [Situation] On Dreva Craig.
This is the Remains of an ancient Hill Fort or Camp, it is Composed of loose Stones, Rocks & Earth and Commanded the Junction of the three Valleys in Connection with the Surrounding Camp. It was formed of three Ramparts, the West side being Very Steep and precipitious required only two, which appears to have been Very strong, the Remains are in Very good preservation, and its situation is on the top of Dreva Craig.

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