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Parish of Peebles -- Sheet 13 No. 13

"Three miles south from the camp (at Lyne) and on the other side of the Tweed
is a hill called Cademuir anciently Cadhmore signifying in Gaelic a great fight
on the top of which are four British Camps one of them much stronger than the
rest surrounded with stone walls without cement in some places double and
where single no less than five yards in thickness without which and out of the
ruins of which have been erected near 200 monumental stones many of them still
standing and others fallen down.- indications that in very early times when the Gaelic
was the common language of the county and when Romans had as yet been the only
invaders of it a great battle had been fought on that hill and that at the strong camp
on the top of it numbers had been killed and were burried"
Pennecuik's Description of Tweeddale page 291

"On the hill of Cademuir - Cadhmore the great fight - a broad backed upland in the
south east are remains of camps and nearly 200 monumental stones the transmuted
vestiges of military possession first by the Britons and next by the Romans and of
a great and sanguinary local conflict. Camps and rings the monuments of war in
early times and of predatory invasion in the feudal ages surmount many of the hill
summits."- Fullarton's Gazetteer.

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