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MARKET CROSS OF PEEBLES [Transferred Here 1807) [Peebles] Cross of Peebles
Cross of Peebles
Sir Adam Hay Bart [Baronet]
J. Blackwood Writer Peebles
013 [Situation] Within the grounds of Kingsmeadows

A little to the East of Kingsmeadow mansion - Standing amid'st trees near the edge of the Tweed, - is the ancient Cross of Peebles, or what formed part of it. The remains consist of a Corinthian pillar about 9 feet high and 14 inches in diameter - Surmounted by an Octagon Shaped Stone, the Sides of which are cut & ornamented - as if for a Sun dial. The Cross in its original form was very large and stood where the High Street & Northgate intersect Some years Since (in 1807) it was removed by the town authorities to make way for some improvements and sold for [Continued on page 42]

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Parish of Peebles -- Sheet 13.6 -- Trace 6

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