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Lynes Mill
Lyne's Millhouse
Lynes Mill House
Lynes Mill
Alexander Holme Occupier
Alexander Murray Farmer Lyne
Johnston's Co [County] Map
Co. [County] Map 1775
Valuation Roll
012 [Situation] About 7 Chains NW [North West] from Lynesmill Bridge

A small farm house one storey high and thatched, with offices, all in very bad repair, there is a small vegetable garden and arable farm attached; at present tenanted by Alexander Holme and the property of Sir Graham Montgomery Bart [Baronet] Stobo Castle.
LYNESMILL T.P. Lynesmill Toll Bar
Lynesmill Toll Bar
Lynesmill Toll Bar
Lynesmill Toll Bar
James Irving Collector
Alexander Holme Lynes Mill
Sign Board
Collectors Ticket
012 [Situation] About 13 Chains S.W. from Lynes Mill

A Turnpike Gate erected on the road leading from Peebles to Stobo, about 3 miles from Peebles, adjoining is is a small house one storey high, in which the person who collects the Tolls resides; the property of the Peebles Road Trustees
Beggar Path Bridge
Mr. Alexander Home
Alexander Murray Farmer Lyne
012 [Situation] About 10 Chains N.W. [North West] from Lynes Mill

A stone bridge of one arch over the Meldon Burn, the property of the Peebles Road trustees

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