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state of utter decay. This ruinous Condition is Chiefly to be attributed to Cromwell who besieged it in 1650, it being then fortified by Lord Yester. Tradition Says the Protector's artillery was stationed on the eminence on the opposite bank of the river. Now Known as "South Park Wood" but no remains of works Exist to Attest this. Both portions of the Castle Are of great Strength, the walls in Some places being eleven feet thick, the modern portion is quite Enti [entire] And is occupied by the Gamekeeper of the estate. The entrance to the Courtyard fronting the Castle is by An Archway on which are the bearings of the family of Fras [Fraser] founders of the house of Tweeddale - a goat's head over a coronet: and in the drop beneath, a bunch of Strawberries. In the Courtyard are the ruins of out-houses all of which have been of a much later date than the Castle itself Fronting the River are Several terraces which formed part of the Castle garden The history of Nidpath is identical with that of the house of Tweeddale And dates from the victory Sir Simon Fraser obtained over the English in 1303 at Roslin. In 1686 it became the property of the Duke of Queens [Queensberry] And Subsequently it passed, by marriage, into the Wemyss family, to whom it now belongs

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