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FORT (Remains of) [Drochil Hill] Rings
Mr William Welsh Romanobridge
James Murray Esqr Drochil
008 [Situation] About 5/8 of a mile S. by E. [South by East] from Callands House

This appear to have been an ancient British encampment of which the following mention is made in a book lately published by William Chambers. 1856. Peebleshire abounds in Camps of the original British people who inhabited the "Gadeni" as the tribe in this quarter of Scotland was called. These British Camps as situated on the tops of Hills and are uniformly circular in form. They seem to have been composed of at least two circular mounds four or five feet high with a sunk ditch between the outer and inner circle. Such were the rude enclosures in which a simple people took refuge with their goods during the Roman Invasion.

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