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BRIDGE-END HILL Bridgend Hill James McCall Henderland
Adam Dalgliesh Craigierig
025 [Situation] About ½ mile South of Henderland
A large hill on the "Henderland farm" & on its North Side Covered with Rough pasture & Scattered rocks. A Trigl [Trigonometrical] Station on its summit. The property of Lord Murray, Henderland.
COPPERCLEUGH Coppercleugh Archibald McAllister
James McCall Henderland
025 [Situation] In the eastern corner of Lyne (Part of)
Applies to a clump of houses Situated on a slight eminence near the North west Side of St Mary's Loch, where the Co. [County] boundary leaves the loch & takes northwards. It consists principally of Free St Mary's Church, A Free School & Post office.
COPPER CLEUGH Copper Cleugh Archibald McAllister
James McCall Henderland
025 [Situation] At the east side of Henderland Bank
A hollow, thro which a Small burn flows, and forms also part of the Co. [County] boundary extending northwards from the hamlet of the same name.

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