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Site of CHAPEL AND GRAVE YARD [Chapel Knowe] Chapel & Grave Yard (Site of)
Chapel & Grave Yard (Site of)
Mr McAllister Coppercleugh
Mr McCall Henderland
025 [Situation] On Chapel Knowe.
The small circular Space on the centre of Chapel Knowe, and referred to in the foregoing page is ascertained to be also the"Grave Yard" and Site of the "Ancient Chapel" referred to in Several old descriptions of the neighbourhood.

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Lyne (Part of) -- Sheet 25 No. 1 Trace 3

"At Henderland in Megget is the ruins of a Kirk out
of which was lately dug a tombstone the characters
on which are legible, viz. a blank Shield supported
by the loose and staff of a cross erect and a Sword
on the sinister side thereof with this inscription "Here lyes perys of Cokburne
and his wyfe marjory". Nisbet says that Piers de Cockburn of Henderland was the
root of the branches of that name now extinct. The country people have a tradi
-tional anecdote that the last of that name in possession was an outlaw and hanged
over his own gate". Armstrongs Companion to his maps P. [Page] 65.

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