List of names as written Various modes of spelling Authorities for spelling Situation Description remarks
BLYTH HILL Blyth Hill Mr. Simon Ritchie Blyth
Mr. W. Milne Scotston Rig
Mr. J. Sanderson Blyth Bank
008 [Situation] In the extreme South end of the parish of Linton

A Hill of a Ridgelike Shape on the Farm of Blyth, a Short distance north from the Farmhouse
FORT (Remains of) [Blyth Hill] Rings Mr. S. Ritchie
Mr. W. Milne
Mr. J. Sanderson
008 [Situation] on the top of Blyth Hill

This name applies to the remains of a Small Fortified Position on the top of Blyth Hill - in a Plantation -- On the North side are the Remains of three banks, the south side being Very steep required no defences. It Somewhat resemble the "Hill Forts" in Construction, but the Auths [authorities] quoted Say that it was Constructed as a place of Security for Cattle, Sheep etc to prevent them being stolen during the Lsawless time of the "Border Raids" -- There are several Similar Rings in this neighbourhood.

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Parish of West Linton -- Sheet 8 No 9 -- Trace 1

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