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Kippit Hill
Mr Brown Farmer Kippit
John Telford Toll Collector Ingraston T.B. [Toll Bar]
007 [Situation] In the SW [South West] Corner or the parish of Linton

A large knowe, on the farms of Kippit; the surface of which is Mountain Grass Land. On its summit stands a Trigl. [Trigonometrical] Station called "Keppel".
TUMULUS (Supposed) [Kippit Hill] Kippet Hill
Johnston's Co. [County] map
Armstrong's Co. [County] map
007 The higher part of this Knoll consists of a conical shaped mound having the appearance of being artificial and is probably a tumulus.
KIPPIT Kippit Mr Brown Farmer Kippit
William Aitken Shepherd Ingraston
007 [Situation] In the SW. [South West] Corner of the parish of Linton

A small farm house two stories high, with offices and thrashing machine, all in good repair; there is a garden, and a small arable farm attached, tenanted by Mr Brown. The property of J. O Mackenzie Esq. of Dolphington.

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Parish of Linton -- Sheet 7 -- Plan 8 -- Trace 1

[Note] -- Lieut. [Lieutenant] Scott R,E, [Royal Engineers] has examined the object Called
tumulus and he is of opinion that it is artificial. It
[is] on the summit of Kippit Hill which is a Knoll
[of] slight elevation, and rises in a regular conical
[shape] and having all the appearance of being artifical
Lieut [Lieutenant] Scott supposes it to be a tumulus
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