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Parish of Linton -- Sheet 7 No 8 -- Trace 1

"Ingraston vulgo Ingiston has been a mansion house with an avenue of large trees
opposite to which is a small Know of a conical figure Called the Law by some thought
preternatural." -- Armstrong quoted in Pennecuik's History of Tweeddale page 196

"Ingistown belongs to John Lawson Esquire of Cairnmuir. The avenue was lately cut down
The Law forms almost an exact Cone with its sides straight till they meet in a point at
its vertex Rising out of a hollow and detached from the surrounding heights it has
a Singular and beautiful effect with the Medwin from the meadows of Garwalfoot
& Ingistown winding past on the west within a little of its base between and the hill of
Dolphington in Lanarkshire. It is about 40 ft high &. is evidently natural. The turnpike
road from Edinburgh to Biggar passes it &. the inn of Bridge-end which is now converted into
a farm house Stands near it on the opposite Lanarkshire or west side of the Medwin. About
a mile east from it the highway passes through a hollow of blowing Sand as if cut by art across
a root from Mendick hill above it. This passage called the Sandyhill-Nick is said to have been
made in one night by a wizard called Michael Scott who at the same time produced the Law
by laying down where it stands the contents of the Nick. By the help of Old Nick this Clydesdale warlock
is there reported to have done many wonderfull feats besides this and in short everything uncommon
and unaccountable to the rustics of the district." -- Old Stat. Acct. [Statistical Account] quoted in Pennecuik's Hist. [History] page 196

[Note] -- The Law is now called Kippit Hill, the latter is the correct name. -- Signed) P. McHugh Lc Corpl R,S,&, M, [Lance Corporal Royal Sappers and Miners]

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