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West Water
Mr Finly Steward Medwyn
Mr William Johnston Linton
Johnston's Co. [County] map
005 [Situation] About 38 chains SW by S [South West by South] of Medwin House

Two Small thatched Cottages on the farm of North Slipperfield with small vegetable garden atta [attached] occupied by One of the Shepherds belong [belonging] to the farm And and some agricultural labours, It is the property of Col. [Colonel] McDon [McDonald]
West Water
Revd [Reverend] Mr Forrester West Linton
Mr Brown Schoolmaster
004 ; 005 [Situation] Running in a S. [South] Easterly direction through the Central portion of Linton parish

A Small river which rises at or near Craigangar and flows in An Easterly direction till it joins the Lyne Water at Broomlee

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Parish of Linton -- Sheet 5 No 9 -- Trace 6

[Pencil note with West Water] -- Easterly direction

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