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List of names as written Various modes of spelling Authorities for spelling Situation Description remarks
DEEPSYKEHEAD QUARRY Deepsykehead Quarry (Sandstone)
Deepsykehead Quarry (Sandstone)
George Lawson Deepsykehead
Mr Stoddart Whitefield
005 [Situation] About 1 mile SW. [South West] of Harlawmuir

A large and extensively worked quarry on the lands of Whitefield with a dwelling house, offices and vegetable garden attached. There are generally from 50 to 70 men Kept constantly employed here, raising And dressing the stone for the purposes of building As Mr Lawson (the Occupier) take many Contracts for the supply of Stones to different buildings both in and out of the County. The Quarry is the Property of [George] Berresford Esqr of Macbiehill
Deep Syke
George Lawson Deepsykehead Quarry
Mr Stoddart Whitefield
005 [Situation] In the NE [North East] portion of the parish of Linton

A small stream which rises between the lands of Whitefield & Rutherford and flows in a Northerly direction by the Deepsykehead Quarry, (from which the quarry has taken its name) till it reaches Harlaw Muir, from which it takes the name of Harlawmuir Burn till it joins the Esk, It is also Known by the name of Back Burn. but Deep Syke is the proper name

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