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Harbour Craig
Harbour Craig
Harbour Craig
Mr Brown Newhall
Mr Hunter Carlops
New Stat. Acct.[Statistical Account]
Johnston's Co. [County] map
002 [Situation] 19 Chains SE by E [South East by East] of Turtlebank

A bare Rock on the South side of the Coal Burn near its junction with Harlawmuir Burn, the perpendicular height of which is about 30 feet. It was to this place the Covenanters retreated after the battle of the Pentlands it being in such a lonely and unfrequented Place, and from which, those that were most Zealous in the Cause used to Preach to and Harangue their followers The dates 1662 & 1666 are cut on the rock and among the multitude of initials & names cut thereon none Stands so Conspicuous as the Name J. Giffard,

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Parish of Linton -- Sheet 2 No 15 -- Trace 1

"In the vicinity of Carlops immediately opposite to Newhall
House on the southern bank of the Esk there is a place Called
Harbour Craig which is a freestone projecting rock over a deep hollow
glen formed by the precipitous banks of two Streams which here empty
themselves in the Esk. On this dreary and secluded spot tradition States
that the Covenanters Sat down after their defeat at the battle of Pentland
and there found a temporary refuge in the fastness of this Sequestered
valley which perhaps afterwards received the name which it still bears
from the shelter which it gave to the furgitives on this occasion
On the rock there is still to be seen the initials of some of them together with
the date of the period when they took up their abode in this solitude
and for sometime undisturbed by their enemies performed those
religious services to which they were devoted and cheerfully
suffered, the loss of all things" -- New Stat. Acct [Statistical Account] of Co. [County] Peebles, page 157-8

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