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Mill Bridge
Mill Bridge
Hugh Brown Esq Newhall House
Mr William Finlay Rogersrig
Mr Hunter Carlops
Armstrong's Co. [County] map
002 [Situation] About 42 chains ENE [East North East] of Carlops village

This is a one arched bridge over the Esk, as it enters Habbie's Howe, and so named from a Mill which was near it, now removed.
CARLIN'S LOUP Carline's Loup
Carline's Loup
Carline's Loup
H. Brown Esq Newhall House
Mr Finlay Rogersrig
Mr Hunter Carlops
002 [Situation] near the south end of Carlops village

This name applies to two Steep rocks including the space between them. one of them is about 50 ft high and of remarkable appearance and had been used as a Quarry for the quarrying of road metal. Tradition reports that this place was a resot of witches or Carlins in former times.
MAUSE'S TREE Mause's Tree
Mause's Tree
Mause's Tree
H Brown Esq. Newhall House
Mr Finlay Rogersrig
Mr Hunter Carlops
002 [Situation] About 9 chains east of the Free church of Carlops

This is the 'blasted tree' mentioned in the Prologue, Act 2 Scene 2, Gentle Shepherd. And is an ash, old and withered.

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Parish of Linton -- Sheet 2 -- Plan 14 -- Trace 3

[Note] -- Carlin or Carling. An old woman, a witch etc, -- Jamieson's Dictionary

See extract in Name sheets for Sheet 5 No. 2 pages 12 & 13
See the name Carlins Loup in page 15 of the same Book

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