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CHURCH [W of Castlecraig] Church (Parish)
Church (Parish)
Church (Parish)
James Palmer Par. [Parish] School
Thomas Milne West Mains
Robert Craig Gardener
008 [Situation] About ½ Mile West from Castlecraig

A neat plain Building Surrounded by a Graveyard, a [and] Sheltered by belts of Very Old Trees. It is seated for 300 It was Erected in 1766, at which period the old Church was allowed to become a Ruin. The Avera [average] attendance is 30 who are all Communicants on the Roll. The Revd [Reverend] Thomas Gray is Minister
BURIAL VAULT (Carmichael Family) [parish churchyard] Vault (Carmichael Family) James Palmer Thomas Milne 008 [Situation] Adjoining the Church

This is a Burial Vault in the graveyard of the Parish Chur [Church of Kirkurd; belonging to the Family of Carmichael of Skirling & Castle Craig. It was Constructed in 1814 by Sir Thomas G. Carmicha [Carmichael] Bart. [Baronet] of Skirling, whose wife was the first person Intered in it, and in Commemoration of whom there is a Marb [Marble] Tablet in the Wall bearing the Inscription; "Sacred to the Memory of Janet Maitland Dundas, daughter of Major Gen. [General] Dundas of Fing [Fingask] and Wife to Sir Thomas Gibson Carmichael Bart. [Baronet] of Skirling; died 7th June 1814, aged 26.

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