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PIRN The Pirn
The Pirn
Colnl [Colonel] Horsburgh Inverleithen
Mr John Smith Haughhead
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014 [Situation] About 12 Chains S.W. [South West] from Nether Pirn

A commodious dwelling house three Storey's high in good repair with a large garden attached, occupied by, and the property of Colnl [Colonel] Horsburgh
HAUGH-HEAD FORD Haughhead Ford
Haughhead Ford
Colnl [Colonel] Horsburgh
Mr. John Smith
014 [Situation] About 3/8 of a Mile South from Nether Pirn

The old Ford on the River Tweed situated a little above the Ferry at Haughhead Parish of Traquair
Cadonbank Pool
Colonel Horsburgh The Pirn
John Smith Laborer Haugh-head
014 [Situation] About ½ Mile South from Nether Pirn

A large pool in the River Tweed at the base of Cadon Bank.

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