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"Porras-hill or Purves hill is a farm-Steading placed on a rising ground where a number
of remarkable terraces descend to near the level of the river about 200 yards long. The present
road occupies the line of the lowest but one of these, three rise above it all about
18 feet broad. There is then a larger interval between the terraces as if the upper
series of them had been intended to be Separated from the lower but this Space
is not regular for it is much wider at the one end than the other, above this there
are other three terraces approaching towards the brow of the declivity on which they have
been formed but none of them so parallel as those below. We abstain from offering any
Conjecture as to the purposes of these works." -- New Stat. Acct. [Statistical Account] of Peebleshire page 30

"Ruined towers were to be seen in the last century at Glentress Purvishill (which was
a land of the old extent of £5) Colquhar Lee Ormiston and Caberston," -- Origines Parochiales Scotiae vol [volume] 1 page 218

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