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Colnl [Colonel] Horsburgh Inverleithen
James Tait Shepherd Kirnie
Johnston's Co [County] map
014 [Situation] About ¾ of a mile E by N. [East by North] from Nether Pirn

A Small one Storey house Slated, occupied by James Tait Shepherd and is the property of Colnl [Colonel] Horsburgh
Site of KIRNIE TOWER Kirnie Tower (Site of)
Kirnie Tower (Site of)
Colnl [Colonel] Horsburgh Inverleithen
John Smith Farmer Haughhead
014 [Situation] Immediately South of Kirnie

This was one of the ancient feudal residences erected for the protection of the Border. It was Square in appearance, And long after its dismantlement, used as a Shepherd's hut, The Stones of which it was built, were removed about 15 Years ago for building dikes etc. The Site of that Tower is at the South end of the garden, betwixt Kirnie & the River Tweed. The Site was pointed out by parties, who were present at its removal -- J Tait & R Tait Shepherds
Kirnie Lake
Col [Colonel] Horsburgh Inverleithen
James Tait Kirnie
014 [Situation] About 4 Chains South of Kirnie

This name applies to a wide part of a Stream Situated a little below Kirnie on the estate of Colnl [Colonel] Horsburgh

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Parish of Inverleithen -- Sheet 14 No 14 -- Trace 2

[Note] -- "Tower houses are met with in a ruinous
Condition at the mouth of every
defile through this extensive parish
Tradition is silent except in two
or three instances at most by whom
they were occupied."-- Old Stat. Acct. [Statistical Account] vol. [volume] 19 page 602

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