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[Inverleithen Well]
This well is Composed or supplied with three springs two of which
were discovered and analysed many years ago the third one was discovered
about two years the analyses of which was not yet published The analysis
made by Dr [Doctor] Fyfe of the two first is as follows. -- "First stream 36 grains
viz [videlicet] Carbonate of Magnesia 5.3 muriate of lime 9.5 muriate of Soda
21.2 = 36. -- Second Stream 60.6 grains Viz [videlicet] Carbonate of Magnesia 10.2 muriate
of lime 19.4 muriate of Soda 31. = 60.6. The large quantity of Carbonate of
Magnesia (Seven parts in 10,000 of water) renders it probable that, it must
contain a quantity of Carbonic acid sufficient to Constitute an acidulous Spring
in order to be Capable of holding the earth in solution". -- New Stat Acct. [Statistical Account]

Thus it would appear that the two springs already analysed are
Saline but the attendants at the well say that the last stream
discovered and lately analysed is a sulphureous Spring

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