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COLQUHAR TOWER (Remains of) Colquhar Tower (Remains of)
Colquhar Tower (Remains of)
William Ramage Woolandslee
J. Anderson Colquhar
014 [Situation] About 4 Chains North from Colquhar.
One of the old feudal towers, it is situated about 150 feet North of the dwelling house. There are no traditions of its Erection, or owners, to be gleaned in the locality. The remains, show it to have been square in form, like most of the towers in this County, it is now on three sides but a couple of feet in height (the fourth or south side being nearly level with the ground) and serves the purpose of a Sheepshelter.

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Innerleithen Ph. [Parish] -- Sheet 14 1 Trace 6

"Ruined Towers were to be seen in the last Century
at Glentress, Purvishill (which was a land of the
old extent of £5,) Colquhar, Lee, Ormiston, and
Origines Parochiales Scotiae
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