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HORSBURGH CASTLE (Remains of) Horsburgh Castle
Horsburgh Castle
Horsburgh Castle
Horsburgh Castle
Andrew Murray Old Toll
Mr. Wood Nidpath Estate
"Peebles and its Neighbourhood" by William Chambers
Companion to Map of Tweeddale 1775
013 [Situation] In the Western portion of the Parish of Innerleithen.
This name applies to the ruins of what was formerly Horsburgh Castle a seat of the Horsburghs of that Ilk. It is in a state of utter decay, all that remains being a small portion of the walls. It has never been a place of much importance, and seems rather to have been a strong mansion, than a Castle proper. Of its history nothing is known.
Eshiels Burn
Mr. Murray Old Toll
Mr. Potts Game Keeper Kingsmeadows
013 [Situation] Immediately West from Horsburgh Castle.
A small stream rising on the high grounds above the Farm of Eshiels, and flowing in a Southerly direction to its junction with the Tweed near the Castle Pool.

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Parish of Innerleithen -- Sheet 13 No. 11 Trace 3

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"Horsburgh Castle, is an old tower house,
pleasantly situated on the top of a rising
ground near Tweed; and affords not only an
extensive view, but displays a venerable relic
of ancient grandeur, and feudal disunity.
This seat is, and has been, the Paternal estate
of Horsburgh of that Ilk, for time Immemorial;
its owner is the Undoubted Chieftain of the
name: The Castle and Nether Horsburgh
were formerly a Part of the Parish of
Kailzie, Suppressed the 2nd Augt [August] 1674"
"Companion to Map of Tweeddale, 1775"
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