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MIDDLE HOPE RIG Middle Hoope Rig
Middle Hoope Rig
Mr. Thomas French, Shepherd, Hope
Mr. James Plenderleith
013 [Situation] About 1 Mile North from Nether Horsburgh.
This name applies to an elevated ridge, immediately North of Hope, covered with heathy pasture. At its northern extremity it joins a chain of hills which attain considerable elevation, and extend in a South Easterly direction to Innerleithen.
HABS CLEUGH SHANK Habscleugh Shank
Habscleugh Shank
Thomas French Shepherd Hope
Mr. James Plenderleith
013 [Situation] About ¾ of a Mile N.W. [North West] of Nether Horsburgh.
A ridge shaped hill distant about threequarters of a mile on the North West side of Nether Horsburgh. The greater portion of its surface is covered with heathy pasture

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See p. [page] 10

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Hobs Cleu

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Habscleugh Burn -- Not in Name Sheets

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Middle Hope Rig also appears on page 10, with a slightly different description. This entry does not appear in the index, and has been crossed out in the recommended Orthography column, implying this entry is redundant.

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