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NORTHSHIELD RINGS Northshield Rings (Fort)
Northshield Rings (Fort)
Northshield Rings (Fort)
Forbes McKenzie Esqr Portmore
Mr Aitken Factor Portmore
Armstrong's Comn [Companion] to his maps
006 This is supposed to have been An Ancient British Encampment by the proprietor, It is an excellant preservation being situated in the middle of a close wood its surface has never been plant but is covered by healthy pasture on the property of Forbes Mckenzie Esqr Portmore

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Parish of Eddlestone -- Sheet 6 No 14 Trace 6

There are no remains of antiquity in the parish except the ruins of three ancient camps.
From their circular form it is probable they are Danish one of them is still very entire upon
the farm of Norshield. the late Colin McKenzie Esqr of Portmore with that good taste for
which he was distinguished having preserved it with great care in the centre of his plantations.
New Stat Acct. [Statistical Account] of Peebles p. [page] 147

Northshield Rings is in form size and preservation the same as those near Milkingston
Armstrong's Comn [Companion] to his maps

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