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ANCIENT GOLD AND SILVER COINS FOUND HERE [Kingside] Gold and Silver Coins (Found Here)
Gold and Silver Coins (found here)
Forbes McKenzie Esqr Portmore
George Anderson Kingside
006 [situation] About 9 Chains NW [North West] of the Farm house of Kingside
It is believed in the locality that the Coins were discovered in the year 1794 under the following Circumstances,viz-
two horses having been brought from the stable for the purpose of plowing, one of them began to get restive, And after Kicking up two or three stones, was pacified, when there was seen a flat stone which on being removed disclosed the pot or urn Containing gold and silver Coins, but to what amount cannot be ascertained; their dates were together effaced

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Parish of Eddleston

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