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Coomb Dod
Coomb Dod Comblaw Dod
Thomas Brown Kingledoor Hope
James Renwick Rigs
Mr Veitch Kingledoors Johnston's Co. [County] map
019 [Situation] About 5/8 of a Mile N.W. [North West] from Glenwhappen Dod

A prominent Hill Covered with heath. & partly on the "Kingledoor's farm. dividing the Counties of Peebles & Lanark and on its eminence Stands a Trigl [Trigonometrical] Station.
Kingledor's Burn
Thomas Brown Kingledoor Hope
James Renwick Rigs
[Situation] N.W. [North West] side of Glenwhappen Dod

A large and rappid burn rising. at the base of " Comb Dod"- winding its way in a easterly direction and passing thro a Stone Bridge on the road leading from Peebles to Moffat. Until it Joins the River Tweed at Pattervan

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Drumelzier Ph. [Parish] -- Sheet 23 No. 2 -- Trace 1

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