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Parish of Drummelzier -- Sheet 19 No. 8 -- Trace 6

"The lands of Polmood or Powmood were possessed from an early time
by the hunters who are said to have held them for the service of a bow
and a broad arrow when the King came to hunt, on Yarrow according to the
terms of a fabulous charter which is well known. The manor Place stood on the
burn of Polmood where it flows into the Tweed". -- Origines Parochiales Scotiae Vol [Volume] 1, page 20 [204]

"Polmood is a small but neat seat on the banks of Tweed with a few trees to
skreen it from the piercing blasts that thrill through this narrow chasm. The whole
of this estate belongs to the surname of Hunter who claim a precedency to any other
family of the same name and are to posses an original charter which Dr [Doctor] Pennecuik
copies. But from the strictest enquiry no such charter though there is strong
presumption that William the Lyon did make a similar grant of land to Norma [Norman]
Hunter a refugee who followed the Norman Conqueror into England fled from
the arbitrary oppression of his successors to seek shelter in Scotland". -- Armstrongs Descripn. [Description] of Drum [Drummelzier]

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