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Nicklebeard Hill
J Fleming Kingledoors
Mr A Veitch Kingledoors
019 [Situation] About ¼ of a mile South from Kingledoors

This name applies to a middling si [sized] heathy hill on "Kingledoors farm" between "River Tweed" and "Kingle Burn" 8 or 10 chains south of [the] farm house - approaching " Crook [Inn] on the road leading from Edin [Edinburgh] it is the first of a range of hi [hills] extending southwards. There [is] a trigl. [Trigonometrical] station on it.
QUILT BURN Quilt Burn A Veitch shepherd at Kingledoors
J. Fleming Kingledoors
019 ; 020 [Situation] Runs East from Quilt Hill

An insignificant stream rising fr [from] drains at the eastern base of "Qu [Quilt] Hill" & crossing the Edinbro and Moffat [road] under a small bridge runs into the Tweed

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