List of names as written Various modes of spelling Authorities for spelling Situation Description remarks
HILL OF WARDS Hill of Wards
Hill of Wards
Hill of Wards
George Sutherland South Ness
J.G.M. Heddle Esqr. [Esquire] Melsetter
Donald Johnston Aithsdale
123 Applies to a low hill situate about 1/2 a mile N.E. of Wasbister and immediately N. of the School, The property of J.G.M. Heddle Esqr. [Esquire] Melsetter,
James Johnston, Tenant
J.G.M. Heddle Esqr. [Esquire] Melsetter
G. Sutherland. P.M. [Postmaster] Longhope
123 Applies to a small farm house with offices attached, situate about 3/8 of a mile E. of Wasbister and about 1/2 a mile N.W. of Shelsetter, The property of J.G.M. Heddle Esqr. [Esquire] Melsetter,
SCHOOL [Sandsdale] School
J.G.M. Heddle Esqr. [Esquire] Melsetter,
George Sutherland, Postmaster
William Edward Hacking Schoolmaster
123 Applies to a handsome stone building Public School of South Walls Average attendance (mixed) 1/3, William Edward Hacking Schoolmaster, situate immediately N. of Sandsdale & about 1/2 a mile E. of Wasbister,

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