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O.S. O. [Ordnance Survey Office] Inverness
18th February 186
Remarks on 1/12 - 23 of the Town of Nairn

Monitory School (Partly Endowed) on trace and in Name Sheet. Is this the
correct name? Or, should it be written School Endowed only.
What is the reason for Monitory being used in this name. Is it
that this school is taught under the Monitory system and hence
the name. If this is the case (and I can see no other reason) the
word Monitory should not be prefixed, for there are few schools in
the country that are not now taught under that system; therefore
should not the name be merely written School (Endowed) as partly
endowed is not now written on the Plans.
From what is the name Constabulary Garden derived? In
it is situated the supposed site of a Royal Fort. May not
this be a very ancient name and be derived from the Office of the
Governor of this Fort who was called a Constable in olden times
and hence the proper name should be Constable's Garden now
corrupted into Constabulary Garden which signifies a different
office and is of modern date. Make further enquiry respecting
this and ascertain which name is correct for I can see no
reason for calling it Constabulary Garden, at least none
is given in the description.
Church of England Chapel. This name seems very doubtful,
for you state in the description "It is not in any way connected
with the Scotch Episcopal Church, but, as the name denotes, is in
connection with the Church of England; and you add it has
no dedicatory name and is wholly supported by subscription
All churches and chapels in connection with the Church of
England, are either consecrated or licensed for Divine Worship
by what Bishop this chapel was licensed for
Divine Service
Corpl. [Corporal] Daniels R. E. [Royal Engineers]

O.S. Nairn
24th July 1868

Captain wilson R.E [Royal Engineers]
Monitory School is the
correct name & that by which it is
designated in all documents relating
to it & generally known throughout
the country, The word "Monitory"
is derived from the monitorial system
the name has become a proper dis-
tinctive name by usage & the school
would not be known if "Monitory"
was struck out of the name.
See New Statistical Account for
"Sessional & Monitory Schools"

Constabulary Gardens is the name by
which the ground so called is generally
known, & designated in the Val. [Valuation] Roll
& other documents of the Burgh.
It is derived from the office of
Constable, held by the Earl of Cawdor,
[Whose property it is) & may have
been called Constable's Garden but
that name must have become
obsolete as no living person
ever heard of it being so desig

Church of England Chapel is the
name by which this Chapel is known
in the locality & designated in
the Title Deeds & other documents
relating to it & it is not known
by any other. As to the relationship
that exists between such Chapels
in Scotland & the Church of England
very little can be said, their status
legally & ecclesiastically being some
what anomalous, but the follow-
ing remarks perhaps may be
found sufficient as far as the
mere writing of the name is con-
cerned. It is not known whether
this chapel was licensed or not or
if licensed what Bishop performed
the ceremony. It is in connection
with the Church of England
by virtue of the Act of 10[?] Queen
Anne which Authorities clergy-
men of the United Church of England
& Ireland

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