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BURN OF BLARANDUALT Burn of Blarandualt
Burn of Blarandualt
Burn of Blarandualt
Mr Stables Cawdor Castle
Mr. Grant Cawdor Castle
Mr. J. McBean, Cawdor
007 ; 008 A small stream having its source in a fir-wood 1 mile south of Achneim from whence it flows in an easterly direction to Blackmill where it joins Black Burn
Caochan Robbie
Caochan Robbie
Mr Stables
Mr Grant
Estate Plan
007 This name is applied to a small rivulet rising ¼ a mile north of Clunas and flowing into the Burn of Blarandualt at Tomchluig
The word "Robbie" is a corruption of a Gaelic word which is not known; "Caochan" a Gaelic word signifying Rivulet or Stripe.
CLUNAS WELL (Chalybeate) Clunas Well (Chalybeate)
Clunas Well (Chalybeate)
Mr Stables
Mr Grant
007 A Chalybeate Spring well situated a few hundred yards to the west side of the Co [County] road, ½ a mile northward of Clunas. Property of the Earl of Cawdor

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Co [County] Nairn -- Ph. [Parish] of Cawdor

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This name was referred but Mr. Stables the Factor would not alter it

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See description of
Clunaswell Cottage

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