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ST BAREVAN'S CHURCH (In Ruins) St Barevan's Church (In Ruins)
St Barevan's Church (In Ruins)
Mr Stables
Mr Grant Factor's Clerk
007 This name is applied to the remains of the old parish church which stand about two miles southward of the present one. Excepting the east gable which is quite gone the walls are pretty entire and seem in a fair state of preservation. The following extract is taken from the New St: Acct. [Statistical Account]:- The first recorded name of the ph. [parish] appears to have been Barewn or Barivan; Ewen being the saint to whose tutelar protection it was entrusted, and Bar, probably a corruption of Brae, as the old Church the walls of which are still extant, is situated in the upper and hilly part of the parish.
HOLY WATER FONTS [St Barevan's Church] 007 In a niche in the wall the holy-water fonts are to be seen
STONE COFFIN [St Barevan's Church] 007 and within the burial ground, a few yards north of the north-east angle of the ruin a stone-coffin lies half imbedded in the ground.

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