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CAWDOR CASTLE Continued [Continued from page 15]
of darkness. Its iron grated doors, Its ancient tapestry hanging loosely over secret doors and hidden passages, its winding staircases, its rattling drawbridge, all conspire to excite the most gloomy imagery in the mind. Among the intricacies of the Castle must be mentioned the Secret apartment which so effectually concealed Lord Lovat from the sight of his pursuers. It is placed immediately below the rafters in one part of the roof of the castle. By means of a ladder you are conducted by the side of one part of sloping roof into a kind of channel between two, such as frequently serves to convey rain water into pipes for a reservoir; by proceeding along this channel, you arrive at the foot of a stone staircase, which leads up one side of the roof to the right and is so artfully contrived as to appear part of the ornaments of the building when beheld at a distance. At the end of this staircase is a room with a single window near the floor It is said Lord Lovat used to be conducted to this place when his pursuers approached, the ladder being removed as soon as he ascended. When the search was over and the inquirers gone the ladder was replaced, by which means he lived comfortably with the family and might long have remained secure if he had not quitted the place of his retreat" (Vide new statistical account)

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