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STONE CIRCLES (Remains of) [Moyness] Stone Circles (Remains of)
Stone Circles (Remains of)
Stone Circles (Remains of)
William Stables Esqr. Factor
Mr James Minto Overseer
Rev.[Reverend] J. MacKenzie
005 This name applied to what was formerly two concentric circles of stones. Of the outer circle only one is now standing a large stone about eight feet high and three broad. There was another which about fifteen or twenty years ago was taken down and broken for building purposes by a neighbouring farmer, the remainder of the stones that are supposed to have formed the outer circle are lying around broken and in confusion among large stones that have been taken from the adjoining field. The inner circle consists of a number of heavy boulders about eighteen inches in diameter and touching each other so as to form a kind of fence, they are not imbedded in the ground but are merely on the surface, this circle is in good condition, except where a portion has been cut off by the making of a road past it, and a small gap in the N.West side. About fifteen years ago a trench was dug through the middle of this circle and an urn found, the former contents of the urn could not be ascertained as they had been destroyed by exposure through being near the surface. The circles are situated a little to the South of Moyness, near the junction of four roads.

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Parish of Auldearn -- County of Nairn

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