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Gowks Well
Gowks Well
Gowks Well
Revd [Reverend] White
Mr. C. Forsyth
Mr. W. Tulloch
W. Grigor Esqr.
005 This name is applied to a well situtated about 30 chains north of Easter Clune, nothing appears to be known of how the name originated.
J. C. Brodie Esqr. of Lethen Proprietor
Revd. [Reverend] J. White, Boghole
Mr. C. Forsyth, Easter Clune
Mr. W. Tulloch, Newlands of Moyness
Rent Receipt
W. Grigor Esqr
005 A small farm house one storey high, thatched, and in good repair.
J C Brodie Esqr. Lethen propietor
NEWLANDS OF MOYNESS Newlands of Moyness
Newlands of Moyness
Newlands of Moyness
W. Stables Esqr.
Revd. [Reverend] White
Mr. W. Tulloch
005 This name applies to a district comprising several small farms or Crofts, the buildings are one storey high, thatched, and in fair repair. Earl of Cawdor, Propt. [Proprietor]

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County of Nairn -- Parish of Auldearn

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In the 'Descriptive Remarks' column for Newlands of Moyness the word district is circled and a note reads: ought it not be written on Plan as a district name? [unable to transcribe initials] see Braeside written as a district name on Plan 5/10

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