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SCHOOL [Dyke] School
W Brodie Esqr
Revd [Reverend] John McEwan
Mr A Paxton, master
010.10 This is the parish school and school house, the former one and the latter two stories high, both slated and in good repair The ordinary rudimentary branches of education taught Average attendance 70 Property of the Heritors
Revd [Reverend] John McEwan, Minister
W. Brodie Esqr Brodie Castle
Mr A Paxton, Schoolmaster
New Statistical Account
010.10 This is the parish church, in the village of Dyke; is a square building, slated, and in good condition, and was built in 1781 and is seated to contain 1000 hearers It is built on the site of the old Roman Catholic church, of which no dedicatory name can be obtained
The Statistical account gives the following:- " In digging the foundation of the new church, behind the old one, a day labourer found a deposit as he was working alone, before the arrival of his companions, and, covering it up, continued to employ himself and the others, in digging the foundation in a different quarter, Before morning he had secured the contents of an earthen pot of old coins, which at convenience were sold for bullion for about £46, They were silver Groat-pieces, with a rude impression
of a hand, head, and sceptre, upon each, they had been struck in many different places, both in Scotland and England as appeared by one side, on the other side, they bore the impression and name, of one or other of the contemporary princes, Henry II of England, or King William of Scotland, Some that had been struck at Stirling had the words Re Villain; Re being the gaelic word for King" The spot is now covered by the present building Property of the Heritors

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