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THE SPEY The Spey 013.016 "The Spey, which is to form the silver thread running through the fabric of our narrative, is generally considered the second river in Scotland, in its volume of water and extent of basin - draining not less than 1300 Square Miles of Country; while in its universally
Admitted to be the first in capacity, and unsurpassed in grandeur of its mountains
Although the following description by Dr [Doctor] McCulloch certainly manifests no tendency to over-estimate the merits of our river, but rather a backwardness to do it that justice to which it is so eminently entitled, yet it is so excellent as a general sKetch, that we freely avail ourselves of it as a Suitable introduction to our more topical detail:- "In point of magnitude I believe it must follow the Tay - and in beauty it may be allowed to follow the Earn; preceding aliKe the Tweed, and the Clyde, and the Don, but being still inferior to many of our larger rivers in the important particular of not being navigable and in being therefore nearly useless. The small laKe or rather pool, whence it originates, is its most unquestionable head; Since unliKe the Tay, none of its subsidiary streams, not even the Truim Can pretend to compete with this primary one. It is one decided Spey from its very spring; receiving numerous accessions, but no rival. Its course is almost every where rapid; nor does it show any still water till near the very Sea. It is also the wildest and most crapricious of our large rivers ; its alternations of emptiness and flood being more complete and more sudden than those of any of the streams which I have named. The causes of this are obvious, in considering the origin and courses of its tributary waters; while the elevation of its Source, amounting to more than 1200 feet, accounts for the rapidity of its flow.

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