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PATRIOTIC SOCIETY'S ALLOTMENT GARDENS Patriotic Society's Allotment Gardens
Patriotic Society's Allotment Gardens
Patriotic Society's Allotment Gardens
Sign Board
James Galbraith
William Cuthbertson
[Situation] 5 chains north of Dean Church.
A large extent of ground let in small plots as gardens, belonging to a Society of several gentlemen about Edinburgh established about 1847 with a view to afford to artisans mechanics and others the opportunity of cultivating a small garden & to afford them useful and wholesome employment during their vacant hours.
DEAN CHECK T.P. Dean Check
Dean Check Toll
T.B. [Toll Bar]
Table of Tolls
C. Kennedy
County map 1847
[Situation] About 3 chains north of Dean church.
A Toll Bar on the road at the north end of Dean village
Dean Cottage
Dean Cottage
Mr Wright, occupier
James Galbraith
P. [Post] office Directory
[Situation] 5 chains ENE [East North East] of Dean Church.
An old farm house two Stories [Storeys] high with office houses and garden attached and a farm of good arable land occupied by Mr. Wright.

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Parish of St Cuthberts

Dean Check T.P. [Toll Bar] [note] What Road What Road?

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This Name Book refers to Edinburgh 1851 - Sheet 27
OS large scale Scottish town plans, 1847-1895 - Scale: 1:1056

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