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MARTIN'S COURT Martins Court
Martins Court
Name on entrance
John Turnbull
[Situation] On the North Side of Bernard Street.
A small court entered from Bernard Street. The houses in it are from two to four stories in height chiefly occupied by offices and stores for various articles
BRITISH LINEN COMPANY'S BANK (Leith Branch) British Linen Co's BanK (Leith Branch)
British Linen Co's BanK (Leith Branch)
Joseph Cundle
Alexander Robertson (accountant)
[Situation] On the North side of Bernard Street.
A neat house three stories. The property of the British Linen Company, in which they have a branch bank. The lower part of the house is taken up with the Bank business whilst the upper apartments are occupied by the agent as his private dwelling.
NATIONAL BANK [Leith] National BanK (Leith Branch)
National BanK (Leith Branch)
Mr Wallace (agent)
John Turnbull (accountant)
[Situation] On the South Side of Bernard St [Street] & corner of Quality Street.
A beautiful house in the mixed style of architecture surmounted by a dome. The portions of the building are occupied by agent & the is taken up with the banking business, established here in 1825

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This Name Book refers to Edinburgh 1852 - Sheet 13
OS large scale Scottish town plans, 1847-1895 - Scale: 1:1:1056

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