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Crown Tavern
Sign board
Mr Farquhar
[Situation] Adjoining the Clock Tavern.
The second flat of a house four stories high the occupier Mr Farquhar has licence to sell all Kinds of drink except Wine. Keeps good refreshments and Lodgings

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[Page] 34
Parish of South Leith

Mary of Loraine's Chapel [note]
For Descript: Rem: [Descriptive Remarks] for this
School House see page 22
Note Its is very uncertain as to
where the Chapel of the Queen
Regent stood or whether there
really was an object of the kind
in Leith, as to the house, it is merely
conjectural therefore cannot be written on Plan

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This Name Book refers to Edinburgh 1852 - Sheet 13
OS large scale Scottish town plans, 1847-1895 - Scale: 1:1:1056

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