Midlothian, volume 78

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OS1/11/78/1 [Page] 1 PARISH OF SOUTH LEITH SHEET 8 Names of Objects -- Page East Pier -- 4 Inner Lighthouse -- 3 Middle Craigs -- 3 Safety Beacon -- 4 Leith Sands -- 5 Outer Harbour -- 5
OS1/11/78/2 [Page] 2 [Blank page]
OS1/11/78/3 INNER LIGHTHOUSE [Leith] Inner Lighthouse Inner Lighthouse Mr P Dall Master R.N. [Royal Navy] Mr. Andrews C.E. [Civil Engineer] [Situation] On East Pier N. [North] of the Burgh of Leith A small lighthouse on the east pier of Leith. it is the property of the Leith Dock commission, the light is a pale green and stationary. It is lighted when the tide increases to 10 feet water in the harbour and extinguished when decreased to the same height, It derives its name from its being the nearer light to the harbour.
OS1/11/78/3 MIDDLE CRAIGS Middle Craigs Middle Craigs Mr. P. Dall Supt.[Superintendent] of Docks Mr. Andrews C.E. [Civil Engineer] [Situation] About 1/2 mile N. by E. [North by East] from the Burgh of Leith A large ledge of rocks, its bare and approachable at low water, it abounds with shell fish, on its southern side Stands a large iron cage called the "Safety Beacon" (see description)
OS1/11/78/3 [Page] 3 Parish of South Leith Inner Lighthouse [note] (Stationary, Green)
OS1/11/78/3 This Name Book refers to Edinburgh 1852 - Sheet 08 OS large scale Scottish town plans, 1847-1895 - Scale: 1:1056
OS1/11/78/4 SAFETY BEACON [Middle Craigs] Safety Beacon Safety Beacon Mr. P. Dall Mr. Andrews C.E. [Civil Engineer] [Situation] On Middle Craigs A large iron cage on the "Middle Craigs" it is about feet high, and has been erected for the safety of those who through carelessness or inadvertence, remained on the rock until surrounded by the tide, as has been the case and some lives lost.
OS1/11/78/4 EAST PIER East Pier See Name Book Sheet 7 [Situation] Projecting into the Firth of Forth North of Leith See Description Sheet 7
OS1/11/78/4 [Page] 4 Parish of South Leith
OS1/11/78/4 This Name Book refers to Edinburgh 1852 - Sheet 08 OS large scale Scottish town plans, 1847-1895 - Scale: 1:1056
OS1/11/78/5 LEITH SANDS Leith Sands See Name Book Sheet 3. [Situation] On the north side of the town of Leith Descriptive Remarks in Name Book, Sheet 3.
OS1/11/78/5 OUTER HARBOUR Outer Harbour See Name Book Sheet 7 [Situation] Between the East and West Piers. Descriptive Remarks in Name Book Sheet 7.
OS1/11/78/5 [Page] 5 [Signed] H James. Cap. RE [Captain Royal Engineer 31 Augs [August] 1852.
OS1/11/78/6 [Page] 6 OS1/11/78 [Volume] 78 [Date stamp] ORDNANCE SURVEY M.S. STORE 15 DEC [DECEMBER] 92 SOUTHAMPTON EDINBURGH SHEET 8. Names of Parishes -- Page SOUTH LEITH -- 1.