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HALF TIDE STONE Half Tide Stone Mr Greig Chain Pier Inn
Mr J. Cairnie, New Lane Newhaven
[situation] Within the tide mark about 6 chains W. [West] from the Chain Pier
A large and irregularly shaped Boulder on the seashore, the top of which is only perceptible at half tide, hence the name.
Chain Pier
Mr Greig Chain Pier Inn
Mr J. Cairnie, New Lane
[situation] About 25 chains west of Wardie Lodge.
A handsome and lightly constructed chain pier on the southern side of the Firth of Forth. It extends in a northerly direction about 225 yards it has 3 supports one at its northern end and the other two are at intermediate spaces between this and the southern end these supports rest on wooden piles fixed in the ground and fastened by transverse girders, on its northern end is a platform on which is a wooden house, used chiefly by bathers for the purpose of dressing and undressing. It was erected at an expense of £4,000 by the "Trinity Chain Pier Company" under the superintendence of Capt. [Captain] Brown, opened on the 16th August /21, one penny each person is chargeable for Bathers or others who go on it. Since its opening the annual rent of it has varied from £1100 to £150, this decrease has taken place since the opening of Granton Harbour. TacKsman, Mr Greig, Chain Pier Inn

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[Page] 7
Parish of North Leith

[signed] H James Cap RE [Captain Royal Engineers]
21 August 1852

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