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CATHIE T.P. Cathie Toll Bar
Cathie Toll Bar
Cathie Toll Bar
Sign Board
John Sharp
Map of RoadS
025 [Situation] about 5/8 of a Mile N. E. [North East] by. N. [North] from Bowland
A small house and Toll Gate on the Road leading from Stow, to Galashiels, the property of the Road Trustees of Edinbro [Edinburgh] County.
BOW CASTLE (Remains of) Bow Castle (Remains of)
Bow Castle (Remains of)
Bow Castle
Bow Castle
Robert Clapperton
Thomas Harper
Co [County] Map
Map of Roads
025 [Situation] about 11/2 Miles N. E. [North East] b. [by] N. [North] from Bowland
The remains of a Castle on Bow farm Consisting of a heap of Rubbish, the date of its erection or destruction is not Known by the oldest inhabitant in the locality

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[Page] 16 Parish of Stow
[Note] Ext: [Extract] from Stat: [Statistical] Account of Stow.
"On the top of a hill on the farm of of Bow there Remains "merely the evidence of Such a structure" (an old Castle) " "having once existed. It is Still put down on the "Maps as "Bow Castle." -

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