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Ordnance Survey Office
13 Royal Circus
10th March 1853


Will you please inform
me was there a Castle, or Baronial
Residence of note at Hoppringle.
In the new Stat. Acct. [Statistical Account] there
is notice of the remains of a
Castle existing at the above named
farm house and is described as
being of Considerable Strength &c.
Do you Consider that the farm
house of Hoppringle or its offices are
built on the side of a castle?
or is there any part of the Castle
remaining at present?
Can you state what time it
was built?
What family was proprietor?
Is there any traditions in the locality
relating to it?
What was its name or designation?
Your answers on the opposite
margin of this letter will very much oblige.
Henry James

J. Borthwick

March 18th/53.

In reply to your favr [favour] of
the 10th I beg to say that
I have no knowledge of any
Castle or Baronial residence
having ever existed at Hoppringle

My answer is the same to this
query. Indeed I am certain
there are no traces whatever
of any castle having ever existed
at Hoppringle.

With the exception of a short
period the place has been
in the possessin of my family
for centuries.
I am
your most obed [obedient] Servant
J. Borthwick

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