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CAMP [Mid Hill] Camp
William Simpson
Mr Hastie
022 ; 023 [Situation] 11/2 Miles E. [East] of Little Dod
An ancient encampment Situated on a commanding eminence Called Mid Hill. on the farm of Corsehope. There is no well founded tradition in the vicinity Respecting it Mr Simpson [Ph?] Schoolmaster is of An opinion, that it is of Danish Construction, but the Shepherds of the district and the Parish Minister Say it is very probable that it was erected by the Romans altho' [although] its Shape is different from the. form generally adopted by the Romans. It is in a good state of preservation

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Parish of Heriot [Page] 9
[Note] "On the tops of Some of the hills are to be found the remains "of ancient Camps. One or two are are quite distinct and Consist "of three or more Concentric Circles with the marKs of gateways. "But whether encampments of the Romans, Britons, Danes, Picts, "or Scots, we have no means determining." Stat. [Statistical] Acct. [Account] 1845

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