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NORTH MIDDLETON North Middleton Mr Allan Wester [Middleton]
Thomas Caldwell Old [Middleton]
019 A hamlet on the estate of Middleton consisting of about 15 houses most of which are one story, with tiled roofs and in good repair. It is inhabited by Work people, and built on land feud from Middleton Estate
MIDDLETON NORTH BURN BRIDGE Middleton North Burn Bridge Mr Allan Wester [Middleton]
Thomas Caldwell Old [Middleton]
A stone built bridge of two arches, at the village of North Middleton and over "Middleton North Burn". It is a County Bridge.
MIDDLETON NORTH BURN Middleton North Burn Mr Allan Wester [Middleton]
Thomas Caldwell Old [Middleton]
A small stream having its source from the Moorfoot Hill flowing in a north easterly direction through the estate of Middleton and joining "Middleton South Burn" from thence it is called "Gore Water".

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List of Names collected by Robert Miller c/a [civilian assistant]
Plan 19B Trace No 1
[Object North Middleton] A hamlet
Borthwick Parish
[Object Middleton North Burn Bridge] A bridge
[Object Middleton North Burn] A stream
[signed] Robert Miller

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