List of names as written Various modes of spelling Authorities for spelling Situation Description remarks
William Inglis
Thomas Laing
Val [Valuation] Roll 1814
Co. [County] Map of Roads
Knox's Co. [County] Map
019 [Situation] About 1/8 Miles S. by W. [South by West] of Temple
A farm house with suitable out houses, including a thrashing machine, having a farm of land attached, the property of William Dundas Esq of Arniston,
WELL DEAN Well Dean Co.[County] Map
A. (-)eans
T. Wilson
019 [Situation] On the West Side of Yorkston

A Ravine on the west side of Yorston extending to the Esk. a stream runs thro' it for which no name could be obtained

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Parish of Temple

Middleton North Burn
See Name Book 19.B
See Description Remarks 19.B

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